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June 2019


 A note left on the table

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Eric Burns
Eric Burns

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A note left on the table Empty
PostSubject: A note left on the table   A note left on the table EmptyWed Sep 18, 2013 1:52 am

*In the living room of the model home, laying on a table is a sheet of paper that looks like it had better days, written on a typewrite the note reads

I'm seeking to learn more about this interesting world that we live in, if you have stories to trade (or sell if you would prefer), or are willing to have a talk about ones own nature (to which I shall discuss mine) please come and visit my shop, you can find directions drawn on the back. As well - I give my word that I shall do no harm to any who come to my shop, expect of course if they offer violence first.

-A Magikap Mekhet

*underneath the text is what appears to be a drawing of a fish with vampire fangs*

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A note left on the table
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