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Welcome to the Huntsville By Night forums! (A domain of Games Without Borders, Shadowplay International LARP club!)

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September 2019


 Growing Pains

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PostSubject: Growing Pains   Growing Pains EmptySat Apr 05, 2014 9:56 am

Hello everyone,

It is my understanding that many members of Huntsville wish to step away from GWB and take the game troupe. I understand that over the past few months that there has been quite a bit of drama at national level and I share your frustration.  I share it enough I have decided I am stepping out of my vacation from holding any positions within the club and to only play.  When a new club forms it goes through its growing pains. If we can stick together and work through these growing pains we as a group could build a strong foundation in which we can grow and build something we all can come to love.

I am asking each of you to stand strong and work through these growing pain with me. Help build GWB up to something we all can be proud of. Help build GWB into the vision we all are hoping it to be.
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Justin Cline
Justin Cline

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PostSubject: Re: Growing Pains   Growing Pains EmptyMon Apr 07, 2014 2:51 pm

None of us are leaving GWB. However the Vampire game is moving to troupe for a list of reasons. That means that currently Huntsville has no live games, but we are all still members of the GWB. I believe a few people will be moving their PCs to GIRC and I still plan on playing with my vampire PC over the email lists.

If we get a VST to step up to run a live game then I'm sure we'll resume with live games.

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Growing Pains
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