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September 2019


 Stepping Down as iVST

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Sarah Wade
Sarah Wade

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Stepping Down as iVST Empty
PostSubject: Stepping Down as iVST   Stepping Down as iVST EmptyMon Mar 31, 2014 5:22 pm

For those who were not at the Player's Meeting on Sunday, I announced that I am stepping down as the interim VST for Requiem with the GWB. There are a number of reasons that I discussed at the meeting and I feel this was the right choice for me.
I am also stepping down as ADC of Charities and Events. I am not stepping down from membership though, I do still intend to play in the IRC games and if any local venues find a VST, I will very likely play in those as well.

I would like to encourage people to continue playing their Characters within the GWB, and if any of you need assistance with moving your characters to an active VSS, please let me know and I will do what I can to help you keep playing.

Thank you for your time.

OOC: Sarah Wade

The contents of this message are fictitious in nature; a discussion of imaginary activities in a pretended "alternate reality" as part of the World of Darkness game setting; they should not be construed as relevant to real world activities involving actual locations or persons living or deceased.
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Stepping Down as iVST
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