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September 2019


 Requiem VST Election!

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Requiem VST Election! Empty
PostRequiem VST Election!

For your information, the Job Description for a Venue Storyteller:
1. A venue storyteller (VST) is the principal elected storyteller for a local venue within the global sanctioned chronicle. In the club, venue storytellers run the majority of sanctioned games and serve as the direct storyteller for most characters. The VST prepares and runs games that entertain the venue’s members as well as visiting members who bring suitable characters.
2. Most venue storytellers focus on one genre. However, it is possible for a member to hold multiple VST positions within the same domain or independent chapter, as long as each venue has an approved Venue Style Sheet (VSS).
Independent chapters and domains may host venues. When players decide to form a new venue, they must elect a venue storyteller. Any member of the club may be a candidate in a VST election. The domain storyteller conducts the election. Each member of the venue may cast one vote during the election, regardless of how many characters they have in the venue.
3. Once elected, a venue storyteller serves for one full year. At the end of this term, a new election must be called, but the same member may apply again. A VST may leave office early voluntarily, through a venue-level referendum, or through removal by a supervising storyteller.
4. Each venue storyteller is loaned one additional member class while in office, up to MC 8 This loan must follow the affiliate's policies.
5. Each venue storyteller must have an approved venue style sheet before running games in the global sanctioned chronicle. This document defines the local venue, its genre, scope, geographic boundaries, and game style. The VSS should clearly define the types of characters that are appropriate for the venue. The VST should be objective and consistent whenever a member of the venue creates a new character, a member requests to join the venue, or when a visiting member brings a character to a venue game.
The venue storyteller should regularly review and update the VSS of the venue, to account for changes in the mood, setting, or other details of the local chronicle. At minimum, the venue storyteller should review the VSS once every six months with the members of the venue to ensue that the VSS matches the style of game that the members prefer and the style of game the VST enjoys running. Additionally, a newly elected VST should review the existing venue style sheet and ensure that the VSS remains suitable.
6. Generally, a VST’s storytelling jurisdiction matches the boundaries of the domain or independent chapter where the venue is based, but her storytelling authority is limited to the genre defined within the approved VSS. A VST possesses all general storyteller authorities within the scope of the venue. In addition, the VST has the following specific storytelling authority to:

  • Serve as the direct storyteller for all characters assigned to the venue.
    Act as the host storyteller for characters visiting the venue.
    Create and maintain the history and feel for the local venue.
    Approve new characters within the venue for participation in the global sanctioned game.
    Evaluate character transfer requests from existing characters into the venue, following the guidelines in the Handbook.
    Grant or deny low-level requests for characters assigned to the venue.
    Determine whether visiting characters are suitable for participation within the venue, based on the guidelines in the approved venue style sheet, club rules, and genre policies.
    Establish policies for players participating in the venue.
    Remember, storytellers may neither serve as the direct storyteller for their own personal characters nor evaluate their own special requests.

7. Whenever a city runs more than one venue, each VST must work together to ensure that the local continuity remains consistent from venue to venue. Sometimes a domain or independent chapter may wish to run two venues for the same genre. The two venue storytellers must regularly communicate and collaborate. These requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the regional storyteller and are monitored closely.
8. A VST possesses the following specific duties and responsibilities to the venue’s members and to other storytellers:

  • Entertain the venue’s members and visiting members with great stories.
    Help players learn MET rules, the genre’s details, and the club’s setting.
    Organize and be responsible for the storytelling of all games within the venue.
    Assist members to create characters appropriate to the venue.
    Run games that fit with the style of the approved and published venue style sheet, updating the VSS whenever necessary or appropriate.
    Maintain a venue chronicle.
    Mentor new players and assistant venue storytellers.
    Evaluate all special requests for characters assigned to the venue.
    Ensure that the local venue remains aligned with the club’s global sanctioned chronicle, its rules, and policies.
    Collaborate with fellow storytellers.
    File a monthly report to the supervising storyteller on or before the 1st of each month.
    Meet the ongoing requirements of supervising storytellers.
    VST reports are due on the first day of each month, and cover the details of the previous month.

With that said, here is our only applicant, Sarah Wade! Q&A will run from today 3/10 to 3/16 unless I hear crickets, in which I'll declare voting open, which will also run for a week. If you wish to ask a question anonymously, send the question to the DST account, and I'll post it.

Application for VST: Vampire:The Requiem

Sarah Wade

-Able to respond to emails/posts within 72 hours (barring notification of holiday, illness, etc)? Yes. I get email notifications on my phone and can generally respond promptly. If I am unable to send a proper response to your email, I will reply to let you know that I have received the email and will respond shortly.

- Statement of purpose -
It is my goal to bring interest to the venue of Vampire: The Requiem by creating an engaging and entertaining story that is driven by the player characters. It is my hope that through creative use of the global plot lines, and creation of new venue level encounters that players will be able to enrich their role-playing experiences. I will endeavor to create an environment that is filled with rich character development, storyline and intrigue and provide any support for players that they feel they may need. I see this game being run as a cooperative team effort between both the VST staff, and the players, because a truly immersive experience must be created with mutual, positive and open communication.

- Vision Statement -
If elected to the office of VST:Requiem, it would be my goal to create balanced plot lines that players would find engaging and to create an immersive experience through the use of Downtimes, IRC and the forums.
I would like to see the venue set up with strong roleplayers, costuming and player involvement in the set up and tear down of the gaming site.
I would also love to have player input as to what kinds of things they would like to see happen in the plot lines of the venue and I encourage all players to be forthcoming with their long term goals for their characters. When I know what people are aiming for, it gives me a much better chance of setting something up for that goal to be achieved.
The type of ST am I? I would like to think that my ST style would be more along the lines of player engagement and immersion in story. I am not opposed to combat or conflict as I think they are very important aspects of a game, but one of the main goals that I hope to accomplish as an ST is to be just that, a story teller. I feel that the story is why we play the games we play. We all love to escape from our normal lives and delve into the world of fantasy from time to time. It is my hope that I can create a world that is worth escaping into. Some of the people who have been in my pathfinder games have told me that my use of voice acting with the NPC's in the game have made the game a more enjoyable experience for them, and I plan to do the same with the NPCs in Vampire: The Requiem as well.

Camarilla/GWB/Other White Wolf experience:

• Camarilla: I joined the Camarilla in February of 2013 so that I could create a character and play at the SERE (South East Regional Event) where some of my friends were playing, I am currently playing a Daeva Invictus who is the prince of Huntsville within the MES, Vampire: The Requiem.

• GWB: I joined the GWB in March of 2013 to support the vision and goals of Brandy and Jeremy Hicks. Since joining, I have played two characters within the Vampire: The Requiem venue, A Forsaken in a Cross Venue game, and two Mages in the Mage: The Awakening venue.
I am currently holding the office of ADC-Charities and Events. within the GWB.

• White Wolf: I have played Changeling: The Dreaming, Scion, Aberrant, Werewolf: Apocalypse, Vampire: The Masquerade as Table Top RPGs and have played Vampire the Requiem, Vampire Cam/Anarch, Mage: The Awakening, and Werewolf: The Forsaken for LARP.

• Other: I have worked as an Assistant ST for a Vampire: Requiem troupe game in Gadsden, AL.
I have been playing Vampire: Requiem for over 2 years now in troupe games both in Gadsden, AL and Montgomery/Auburn, AL.

- Relevant Non-White Wolf experience -
• As ST: I have run several Pathfinder games for friends, and am currently running a Rise of the Rune Lords campaign module.

• As a Player: I have played Shadowrun, Pathfinder and D&D.

• Forum Webmistress for Dark Seattle LARP (Vampire:Requiem troupe game in Gadsden, AL.
• Forum Webmistress for
• NANOWRIMO participant for 6 years. (National Novel Writing Month - Community challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.)
• Actress at The Whole Backstage Theater in Guntersville, AL (Relevant for ability to immerse in character.)
• SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms)- Renaissance Reenactment and immersion, both by creating a persona and costuming to fill the role.
• Theatrical Costuming and Makeup experience through Shaman Studios ( in Denver, Colorado. 1999-2002
• Worked in several Haunted houses both in costume and as an acting coach for "monsters" in Denver, Colorado, 1999-2002
• Worked at the Colorado Renaissance Festival as an audience immersion character. 2000-2002

Recent disciplinary actions or other issues which may impact job performance capability, in ANY ORGANIZATION?
None, I have never had any disciplinary actions in any organization.
-Sarah Wade
[GWB]: GWB2013030018

Brandy 'Raven' Hicks
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Requiem VST Election!

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