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Welcome to the Huntsville By Night forums! (A domain of Games Without Borders, Shadowplay International LARP club!)

VTR: Downtimes and Character Journals are due by the 1st Saturday of the month!

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Sarah Wade
Sarah Wade

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PostSubject: Approvals   Approvals EmptyWed Feb 05, 2014 7:28 pm

Hi everyone!

We recently had an IRC chat about how clunky our current approvals process has been, so we decided to take some steps to streamline it a little bit, at least on the local domain end of things.

What we did:

  • We created an "approval number" format, so when you send up an approval, you will get an approval number for the item you are requesting. (note: This approval number is domain specific, if your sheet requires approvals outside of our domain your approval number will remain in tact locally, but may not carry over to a national level approval.)
  • We created an approvals forum for each of your characters. (If you look under your player forum, within each genre there is now an approvals forum for your characters.)

What we need from you:

  • When you are ready to submit an approval, go to the approvals forum for that character and create a new thread with the subject line: ", " For example: "Bloodline, High approval" or "Clan Status 3, Mid Approval" etc..
  • Create a separate thread for each approval item that you are requesting.
  • In the body of the approval item, please describe the item you are requesting approvals for and your justification for the approval item.

That's it! Relatively simple.
If you guys have any questions about this, let me know and we'll get it sorted. Smile

OOC: Sarah Wade

The contents of this message are fictitious in nature; a discussion of imaginary activities in a pretended "alternate reality" as part of the World of Darkness game setting; they should not be construed as relevant to real world activities involving actual locations or persons living or deceased.
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