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Welcome to the Huntsville By Night forums! (A domain of Games Without Borders, Shadowplay International LARP club!)

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 GWB NST Report, November/December 2013

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GWB NST Report, November/December 2013 Empty
PostSubject: GWB NST Report, November/December 2013   GWB NST Report, November/December 2013 EmptyThu Dec 26, 2013 12:57 pm

NST Report, Games Without Borders
November/December 2013
Jessica Orsini, GWB2006037576, reporting

A day late but hopefully not a dollar short.

The reshuffling of Prague and Trier is complete; Prague is now holding all the IRC NWoD games, and Trier is prepping for the first of the IRC OWoD games. Huntsville continues to truck along, and York is also picking up speed. Ames (which hosts a play-by-post Requiem game) has been fairly moribund, but I'm talking with the DST and DC there about getting some live games on their calendar to breathe some life back into it.

We also finally have Global Lists; there in an open-beta state right now, but are up and running and functional. You can find them here - - and I ask that you please, please, please sign onto them and talk with your fellow players hither and yon. Because of the distances involved between domains, the lists are absolutely critical.

Finally, the monthly reminder: if you're an ST of any stripe, please be sure to send a monthly report to It's the only way we can stay in the loop!

- Jess



NST: Jessica Orsini, GWB2006037576: per NC award
ANST Second: Darcey Wunker, GWB2004031265: 40N (Administration)
ANST DPotM: Shafik Chernovsky, GWB9602045: 40N (Administration)
ANST oWoD Development: Steve Gibson, GWB2003011062: 40N (Administration)
ANST Masquerade: Ben Johnson, GWB199761096: 40N (Administration)
ANST Apocalypse: Aaron Gomez, GWB2002021788: 40N (Administration)
ANST NWoD Development: vacant
ANST Awakening: Justin Cline, GWB2013050002: 40N (Administration)
ANST Forsaken: Alicia Cameron, GWB2006070005: 40N (Administration)
ANST Lost: Morte Oakley, GWB1997100168: 40N (Administration)
ANST Requiem: Carl Jordan, GWB2013030017: 40N (Administration)

Other Prestige Recommendations:
David Sauter, GWB199908146: 15N (Communication & Web Design): Website support

Jessica Orsini, GWB2006037576
NST, Games Without Borders
A Shadowplay International Club
♔ Keep Calm and Carry On
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GWB NST Report, November/December 2013
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