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 Huntsville Times 09/16/2013

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Justin Cline
Justin Cline

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Huntsville Times 09/16/2013 Empty
PostSubject: Huntsville Times 09/16/2013   Huntsville Times 09/16/2013 EmptyMon Sep 16, 2013 2:43 pm

Madison Veterinary Hosptial Fire
Late Saturday night, a fire broke out at the Madison Veterinary Hospital off of Hughes Road.  Fire responders on the scene said that a call was made to dispatch stating that they saw large plumes of smoke come from the windows in the building.

Upon arrival, fire fighters entered the building to assess the status of the fire.  The fire was blazing in the basement of the building, and fortunately for the owners of the location, and the animals inside, had not spread to the upper floors.

The owners of the vet hospital were availale for comment today.

"We are just glad that the animals are safe.  A building can be replaced, but the people of Huntsville and Madison  would have been devistated if their beloved pets were harmed.  Fortunately the fine gentlemen of the fire department were able to arrive on time and save them."

When asked if they knew perhaps what caused the fire they stated.

"The only thing we kept in the basement were supplies and our diesel powered backup generator.  Without talking to the arson investigator, we have no idea what would have caused it."

Shortly after speaking with the owners, I was able to track down the fire marshall and ask for his assessment.

"The fire appears to have started due to a gas leak in the diesel generator.  We suspect that a flicker in the powergrid caused the generator to kick on momentarily and ignite the leaked diesel, setting the basement ablaze.  Fortunately the fire was contained before it could climb the stairwell and harm the animals in the main floor."

The owners stated that they will be reopening the hosiptal later this week.  The fire marshall has stated that it is safe for them to resume normal business hours.

We will keep you posted of any further developments should there be any.

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Huntsville Times 09/16/2013
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