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May 2019


 Overview of Weaver's Curiosities, Trinket, and Oddities

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Eric Burns
Eric Burns

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Overview of Weaver's Curiosities, Trinket, and Oddities Empty
PostSubject: Overview of Weaver's Curiosities, Trinket, and Oddities   Overview of Weaver's Curiosities, Trinket, and Oddities EmptyMon Sep 16, 2013 12:17 pm

Weaver's Curiosities, Trinkets, and Oddities is a small store, that when walking in, customers almost always find to be claustrophobic, and layered with and almost oppressive amount of dust (Weaver himself insures this by spending dust around his shop. In his own words “who in their right mind would trust a curio shop that doesn't have dust on everything?”). Looking around they find all sorts of interesting mortal oddities, and well as some items that perhaps give away the nature of the owner’s mental state (such as a hourglass laying on its side with a note taped to it reading “half used hourglass, 50% off”).
 But in quick order Weaver will look up from the book he's reading at the counter and greet them with what sounds more like a random assortment of words then a real sentence, as well as a smile. But if the customer wishes to continue to look around the notice a door to what appears to be a small office, mounds of books laying on the floor, and, well, piles of junk. If the customer is, well, let us say “of a interesting nature,” then they can become a client, and have access to his special stock. Though regardless of the nature of the visitor Weaver tends to pester them with questions, only a few of which make any sense.
"Welcome! Most exalted of customers, you have the look of someone that has need of one of my many services this fine night... buying? selling? or perhaps you want something re-located finding and of course losing items for a merger fee is always available. *with a grin, he continues* But just remember, I never deal with Nixon.

Weaver's Curiosities Trinkets and Oddities
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Overview of Weaver's Curiosities, Trinket, and Oddities
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