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PostSubject: Backstory   Backstory EmptyWed May 08, 2013 9:44 pm

Post your character's backstory in this thread. Your backstory can be written in a number of ways. Suggestions: A first person telling of their life story, a police dossier covering a basic timeline, a psychiatric evaluation file, etc.
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Justin Cline
Justin Cline

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PostSubject: Re: Backstory   Backstory EmptyWed May 15, 2013 6:10 pm

There were icicles hanging from the eaves the first time I was born. It was the twelfth day of December, 1925. I was born to Jon Turing, and his wife Martha. You may have never heard of these two individuals, not many have. You may however, recognize the name Turing, particularly if you are in my profession. I came into this world the nephew of Alan Turning, who is widely regarded as the father of computers.

I was born and raised in the town of Bletchley. A small little village in Buckinghamshire, England. My childhood was mostly uneventful, at least I assume so, as I remember very little of it. Just like all the kids in my village, I went to Winslow Academy. I excelled in math and science, graduating magna cum laude at 18.

My uncle Alan took time out of his day that spring to come to my graduation. Upon receiving my diploma he offered me a job. Come with him to Bletchley Park and work with him on the Turing-Welchman Bombe, the computer that eventually cracked the German enigma code. So, it was that summer I started working at Hut-8. Little did I know that one of my colleges was to change my life forever.

At Hut-8 I worked with the most brilliant minds in all of Europe. Germany had just switched to the TRITON code, and it was 10 months before we cracked it. During those 16 hour days I became very close to Shaun Wylie. He was a mathematics teacher, chess grand champion, and unbeknownst to the rest of the team, a Mehket Kindred. One of a brand new bloodline later to be known as the Lynx.

The day of the dissolution of Hut-8, Shaun approached me as I was walking from the building to my car. He asked me what I thought of COLOSSUS, and where did I see the future of electronic computers going. We had a long debate that night.

It was nearly 4AM before he posed the question that would change everything “What would you say if I told you that you could be around to see the future. I don’t mean where it is all going in the next 50 years, I mean the next 100, 200, 500 years?” My answer to this question was more important than any test in high-school, any of the interview questions by Alan, or any of the math problems that led to the cracking of the enigma code, and the end to The War.

“I would do anything to see the future. These machines change everything, and I can’t even fathom where we will see them. If I could watch all of it, be with it as it changed the world, help shape society, I would do whatever it takes.” he answered “Good answer, let me explain what The Embrace is”

I died that night. In the arms of my surperior, my mentor, my friend. He was with me through it all. The ecstasy, the terror, the pain, the disorientation, the confusion and the acceptance. I awoke in this flat. I had been there before, but it seemed like an entirely different place this time. Even though the lights were dim, I could see everything clearly. The walls seemed so much thinner than I remembered. I could hear the conversations of all the neighbors. I sat up and looked out the window. There, across the park, hundreds of feet away I could read the newspaper in the box. It read “The world is changing!” Ironic. It was written for the kine. The excitement was over. The Third Reich was defeated. For me however, the excitement was just beginning.

I spent the next 3 years with Shaun. He taught me how to survive the World of the Damned. Not only that, but how to thrive. I met many Kindred in those 3 years. And without fail, after the meeting Shaun would look to me and say “There is another stagnant creature. You will succeed where the rest have failed. You will adapt, you will grow, you will lead. It is the tragic condition that we have. Change does not come naturally to us Kindred. But, I believe you can change. You have a gifted mind, and if you put effort into it, you won’t become like these other Kindred.”

During those 3 years Shaun introduced me to the Carthian Movement. A covenant that was built around the ideas of freedom, adaptation, the future. Shaun originally started out as an Invictus, a rigid, old-school covenant. However Carthian fever was sweeping the UK, and we were on board.

I lived in Manchester, working on the latest computer technology. I worked there up until 1955. I had heard that a start-up company by the name of IBM was making great strides in the world of computing. I had heard the stories of America. I read its history, and it sounded like a fantastic place to have a fresh start.
The world was changing, and the center of it seemed to be across the pond. So I booked passage on a ship and headed to the New World.

My work at IBM was exciting. Most days were evolutionary, but some days truly were revolutionary. We came so far in the micro-processor world. I had made a name for myself, and in 1963 the National Aeronautics and Space Administration hired me to work with Werner Van Braun on the Apollo project.

I was blown away. Just remembering that moment when I realised that my work there would leave this planet and land on the moon. And to think, a vampire would create something that travels through space, past the uninterrupted solar rays and land on another world. That computer did what no Kindred was ever able to do, and possibly never will. I worked with NASA for several years, fighting the Cold War through innovation.

I was then hired to work in the cryptography department in the federal government. They needed my expertise for cracking Soviet encryption. It had been tricky, but possible to be a government employee up until this point. However the government was starting to become more and more aware of supernaturals. They were beginning to actively hunt us. My ability to work for the government was over. So I found Robert Shelling.

I had 3 weeks to give them my decision. I hatched a plan. I would find a surrogate to work in my place. I would need a young, malleable mind. Someone how was brilliant but whom I could inspire great loyalty in. Enter Robert Shelling. Robert Shelling was a young man, fresh out of college. He was a brilliant individual, a genius in the field of mathematics.

So I hacked into the servers that held his records. The ironic thing was, I was responsible for designing the very security systems that I was no bypassing. And back then it was far easier to modify someone’s information. After a couple nights work, Robert Shelling went from eager college graduate to pioneer in cryptography. Accomplished mathematician and prize winner.

So, the two of us moved to Washington DC and fought the cold war. Our work led to the eventual defeat of the Soviet Union. Over the years we developed a close relationship. He knew that I was an eccentric night owl, but closest he knew about vampires was Bram Stoker and Anne Rice. Side note: I’m still convinced that the two of them actually knew something about us.

After the fall of the USSR, I moved back to Huntsville with Robery in tow. He got a job at Marshall Space Flight Center working for NASA. Since I was once an employee of the organization, it was easy enough to tell him exactly what he needed to say and do to get the job. Through him I got to be a part of the space program once more.

I mostly kept to myself through the years in Huntsville. I had a presence on what was, at the time, the beginnings of the internet. I frequented many useNet forums, IRC chat, and I published a few articles.

I met several Kindred over the web and we got close. Then the tragedy in Tennessee happened.
All this time I had followed the Carthian Movement. I stayed mostly on the fringes. I wasn’t known to any of the higher ups in the Movement, but I didn’t mind it like that. One night I got an encrypted email from a Carthian contact in Winchester. It said “I need help, can we talk?”

I set up a secure chat room where I was briefed on the situation in Winchester. The Invictus chapter in Winchester was lead by the worst of tyrants. The Prince outlawed all other covenants in the city. With his decree, the Carthian Movement went from a tolerated covenant with differing views, to a genuine outlaw insurrection, and to make matters worse, they had no mystically inclined allies.

The Carthian Revolution decided to find their own allies. They went traveling. They hit the net, and the road alike, gathering allies from all across Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. They returned with help and began a program of guerrilla warfare. They burnt down havens, murdered ghouls and ran vessels out of town.

Their cyber allies, myself included, shut down the security systems of the Invictus, allowing the local troops to walk in unimpeded. We cut off power, had their property repossessed by the government and wreaked havoc. Eventually the Invictus decided to deal. What happened next gave me a distaste for involvement in the Danse Macabre.

The Final Civilization branch of the Carthians hijacked the revolt. Negotiations were going along well. The Invictus Prince had agreed to recognize the Carthians as a legitimate covenant, but the Final Civilization weren’t willing to settle for that. they broke the truce and the Invictus was fought back. Violence escalated and both sides were losing Kindred to the Final Death. Entire herds were slaughtered in Invictus racks.

Eventually the Invictus conceded. Some coteries fled while others surrendered, and the Carthians become the sole covenant in town. The ruling revolutionaries became terrible leaders. They failed time and again to reign in their subjects. The population steadily shrunk. In their attempts to stifle the insurrection, they became more repressive than the Invictus ever were. Hatred, even with the best intentions, leads to nothing but disaster. And I had had enough of it all.

So I moved to New Hope. I bought a large farm and started raising cattle. I set up a defensible Haven, set up a cyber security business, something I could do from home, and kept my interactions to society to a mostly online presence. I boned up on my firearms training, and I learned Krav Maga. I dug up old contacts in the government and joined some online organizations. I would help the world and follow technology from the confines of my Haven. Ignoring the politics of the Danse Macabre.

Fast forward to today. I have built up my business, as well as some side ones, to be a large player in the cyber security industry. I have clients in both the private and public sector. I set up a couple of shell corporations and created an alternate identity just in case. Just as I fought the Nazis in the Second World War, the Russians in the Cold War, I have fought against tyranny and injustice domestically.

My weapon of choice has been the computer. I have waged war online by hacking sites, leaking info and shutting down the ability of evil to profit off of the subjugation of the little guy. And through it all I have become somewhat of an internet celebrity under my hacker pseudonym.

Now a new prince is in town. He apparently plans on doing things differently that his predecessor. I’m skeptical. But maybe it is time I got involved in Kindred society again. I will survey the politics of the area. I will continue to fight against tyranny and injustice, but I’ll try a more hands on approach this time through. My mission has not changed. Freedom from tyranny and equality for all.

If change is needed, then change will come at my hand. Maybe it will be another disaster, maybe not. But I bet it will be a fun ride.

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